Button [as] problem

this is what i have attached to the button (text converted to a button)

on (release) {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“blank3test”, 1);
_root.blank3test._x =134; _root.blank3test._y = 80;


but the external swf “link3” doesnt appear.

whats wrong?

Are you sure there isn’t already a movieclip at depth 1 ?

i know you need depth but whats that for?

(btw, dw about the button i got it working :wink:

When you create movieclips dynamically, you need to give them depths. Two movieclips can not be at the same depth, because they won’t work then. That might’ve been your problem, that there already was a movieclip at depth 1.

thanks very much :slight_smile: your always someone that can be relied on since ive seen many posts uve made!