Button checks if box is at 100%?

Okay so I’m working on a portfolio. Right now theres two buttons that both expand and close the box which contains my content. The only problem is once the box is expanded (viewing about me for example) and you clicked the contact me part, the box would just close and not re-open. So what I need to know how to do is to close the box and have it re-open with new content…

Heres my .fla

This has to be done in actionscript because that was my challenge so please do not give me other solutions such as making more MovieClips, I’m trying to have as few as I can.

Make a function that sets the other pages visiblitiy to false, unless the page is out and their button has been pressed.
You can make it fade in with a little alpha script or something too.

I still don’t see how that would get the box to shrink, and than expand its self again with just one click…If you open up my .fla and preview it you’ll see that if the box is already open you’d have to click it twice to get it to re-open with new content, once to close it and once to re-open it. What I need to figure out is how to get it to close and re-open with just one click.


set a variable when it opens, then check that verialbe when clicking the content button, if its true, use tweenclass to close the box first, then load the next box.

Thanks for the help I appreciate it. I feel like I’m getting in a little over my head though, so I’ll try it again when I get the hang of actionscript a little better.