Button conflict

Ok, for the most part the AS I have right now works. The one problem that I am having is that for some strange reason if I click on the button labeled “web journal” and then click on the button labeled “profile” the profile doesn’t do anything. Any other combinations I have work fine just not this one. The code is as follows:

but.onPress = function() {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“container”, 2);
loadMovie(“blog.swf”, “container”);
container._x = 150;
container._y = 20;
profile.onPress = function() {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“container”, 1);
loadMovie(“profile.swf”, “container”);
container._x = 150;
container._y = 20;

and this is the url: http://users.apex2000.net/rbrown/asp/flash_db

Hi, well I checked out the site and what I saw was a grey background with 2 buttons, one says (Web Journel) and the other button says (about me) they both seemed to work fine. I did not see the profile button inside the web journel or any where else? I have had buttons not work before if they are inside (MC’S) calling to the main stage not work.
example setProperty("…/…/but0", _visible, “0”);
so I have put them on the main stage and they work fine. let me know if that works for you. have a great day! JesseH

Yeah, they both work fine for me too, ONLY IF you click About Me first. If you click Web Journal first it doesn’t work, but if you click Web Journal a second time, the About Me link works.


Negative…I tried it in both IE and Netscape and pressed (Web Journal) First and it came up fine.

What version of Internet explorer and Netscape are you guys running?

Im Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 4.76

and it works fine…

i’m still using ie 5.5 'cause i really haven’t seen any reason to change and i tech support it. but i have netscape 7

IE 6 here. The buttons choose to work sometimes. But not all the time. Hmmmm…

Ok try this, make two different movies one for Web Journal text and one for about me text and save them as 2 seperate SWF’s. Put them in the same folder.

Make a third movie with your 2 buttons in it.
on button 1 put a loadMovie () and have it load movie 1 and have a unloadMovie () function that unloads movie 2

on button two put a loadMovie() and have it load movie 2 and have a unloadMovie () funtion that unloads movie 1.

I think that would solve it, let me know JesseH