Button Hyperlink

I’m having difficulty adding the following action script to the button instance… Could just be I’ve been up all night. Please help. Thanks.

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“billinsert.swf”, 2);

I created a button instance. I added the mouse over. And copied mouse over to to hit frame. I clicked on the hit image instance and added the action above but it doesn’t work…

That’s not very clear what you want to do exactly? or post your .fla

Okay, the file is quite large so I will try to explain. I have a master swf that contains the navigation on the left. Within the initial load, I am loading a movie as a swf. After stopping the user, would use the left navigation to unload the intro.swf and put up a gallery.

I can now get to the gallery, which is implemented by unloading the intro and putting the gallery in its place.


When I try to drag and drop images onto the screen. It doesn’t allow the images to hit the hot spots.

Is it something to do with the root? Remeber I am loading the gallery swf file into a master navigationswf file…

Thanks again for any repsonses.

still not very clear for but if you’re loading any swf into other one and that you have _root in the loaded ones, try replacing _root. with this.
If you still have problems, upload your file to a server and post the link to it

Secondary SWF File

I’m trying to load this application file into a master swf. Could you look at the file’s AS and see if that’s where the problem is?

Thanks a mil.


I can load it fine by itslef, but as a secondary swf, the images that are drug up to the viewable area will not open within the master swf.