Button: image "stays" after release("press and hold"-how?)

[font=Arial]I’m trying to figure out how to create the “press and hold/stay” effect on the button - after I press it and release - “hit” image would stay until the next one is pressed.[/font]
[font=Arial][font=Arial]It may sounds confusing so I will show it: [/font][/font][font=Arial]On Macromedia site they show it but I really can not find out any info how to make all numbers stay visible until the next one is pressed:[/font]

[font=Arial]The best sample what I would like to learn would be on the site: [color=#800080]http://www.elfincreative.com/[/color][/font]

[font=Arial]Where clicking on each button of menu, opens “inside animation” which stays until the next one is clicked.[/font]

It is very simple, I have attached a Fla, which will clear your doubts. :be:


Thank you so much,
I will work on it and let u know about all results:-)
btw, Congrats to Kirupa about that all site.

[font=Arial]So I tried to work this out but I’m not advanced enough. :hurt: [/font]
[font=Arial]Since I changed it to 5 instead of 4 (#of buttons) and changed to [/font][font=‘Courier New’]i<=5[/font][font=Arial] the last one (5) still wont disappear. How to fix it and what to change/add in the code(?) if I need to use 5 different buttons (with different image) instead of 1 multiplied?[/font]
[font=Arial]Please H e l p . . . [/font]

Please give an Instance name “btn5_mc” to ur Last button. it will work :wink:

it works! :bu:

thank you.

[font=Arial]Another issue: how in that situation create an active button [/font]
[font=Arial](inside the movie as on the [/font][font=Arial]http://www.elfincreative.com/index.html “portfolio view site”)[/font]
[font=Arial]which will open a new blank page?[/font]
[font=Arial]Basically I created another layer in the down/selected state of the movie and put the text-converted to the button and added an action as usually. [/font]

[font=Arial]Text of the button appears in the preview but the link is not active.[/font]

[font=Arial]how to do it???:*( [/font]

ok … you have to write a call back handled (same as deselect button) on release Event with btn ID/name. in call back function as per the referance of the btn Navige to ur Page :wink:


Thank you again.
i will try to work on it…:chinaman: