Button isnt working ( external .swf thing )

ok, im not very good at explaining things but ill do my best… :-\

i have two .swfs… one is called big.swf ( played in fullscreen mode ) and the other is called content.swf ( this is the .swf that is called into the big.swf )

and in my content.swf is a navigation menu… which would lead to other parts of the content file. the first button that i made works perfectly, even when i play it in the big.swf…

but the second button is all messed up !! it supposed to lead to a frame ( still in the content.swf ) called “media”. now, this button works fine when i test the content.swf alone… but when i play it in the big.swf, it deletes the content.swf from the big.swf instead , leaving me with a blank screen… (i hope im still making sense)

i have no idea what im doing wrong since i put the exact same code on the second button as the first button…

here is the code on my button :



as you can see, there is an on(rollOver) command… that’s because its really a button placed in a Movie Clip ( since i wanted to have roll over and roll out effects on my button - the fade in … fade out kind of effect )

the _parent.removeClip(“container”) is for removing a movie clip that is found in a section of the container.swf. that code is also found in the first button… so i dont think that that’s the problem…

can any of you guys point out what im doing wrong?? i really need help on this… :red: