Button linking woes

I’m definitely a newcomer to flash and have a question about a button linkage issue i’m having. i’ve just finished this animation for my website (www.rachelsilvera.com) and now need to link the buttons i made (using a combination of tutorials from this site) to the rest of the site. problem is, i don’t know how to alter or add to the action script that i’ve already used to create the hover captions for each button. here is an example of the typical script:

on (press, rollOver) {
_root.x = 1;
_root.caption.words = “Production Design Portfolio”;
on (rollOut) {
_root.x = 0;
_root.caption.words = " ";

like i said, i’m new, so i try to experiment, but all i see are error messages. i’d like to keep the hover captions and not have to scrap them in order to link properly but any advice or tips would be greatly, greatly appreciated. thanks:be: