Button linking

sorrie…ima newb… i made a menu bar in flash with buttons on it…i would like it to link to my page im making in dreamweaver…on myu page, i have a left and right frame, i want the menu in the left, and wherever the link takes to the right, i tried the _parent link, but it links it to the left frame, any idea on how to link to the right frame?

thx for the help

It works the same way in Flash and HTML. In short, you have to give the right frame a name in your frames HTML and have your Flash buttons target that frame. Open up your frames HTML and edit the frame code for the right frame to have a name. For example:

<frame src=“right.html” [COLOR=red]name=“right_frame”[/COLOR]>

Note the code in red. Now you just have to configure the getURL code to target that frame by changing it to “right_frame” instead of “_parent.”

hmmm…thx for the help…but it doesnt seem to work
i went into dreamweaver, called the frame “right” and it says src=right.htm and name=right…i went into flash, and in the goto url target, i typed “right_frame” it didnt work…should i type sumtin else? plz help me…

If you named the frame “name=right” in the HTML file (according to what you wrote above) your target must also be “right” in the flash file. Make sure both are the same.