Button on movie clip, inside the Scene 1


Hope any of you people can help me with this problem:

I have in the Scene 1, on layer 2, Frame 2 a movie clip named “Festival_conteudo_mc”.
And inside of this i have a buton ( close_btn ) that I would like to close this movie clip and go to the Scene 1 - to the main menu.

On Scene 1 I have my menu buttons ( Festival and Contacts ).

The problem is that i dont know how to make them communicate, I’ve tryed _root, and As3 tells me it doesnt exist and its replace by Stage…I too new in this stuff.

What happens when i put

function menu(Event:MouseEvent):void
gotoAndStop(“Scene 1”, 1);

It give Script no error, but when i Export the movie a error 1067 is reported.

Can you help me, please??