i created a button and the purpose of this button is to mailto: and that works fine (the getURL mailto part) but there is a darn output thing that comes up and says :

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Layer 8, Frame=1: Line 1: Mouse events are permitted only for button instances
on (release) {

so although my button is functional how do i make that go away??? and why is it there? i did set the button to ON RELEASE to go the email thing…


You must have put that in a frame, not on a button.

it is in a frame…Frame 1 layer 8…i applied the actions to the frame that the button is in

exactly… you have to apply the actions to the instance of the button itself onstage - NOT the frame it is in. Select the button, right click it, go to actions and add the code there.


thanks guys…Ryall…let me know when you get it ok?

I’ll send you PM, prob tomorrow or the next day.


*Originally posted by ilyaslamasse *
**You must have put that in a frame, not on a button. **
Sorry for not being clear but yeah, that’s what I meant: actions on the button, not in the frame :-\