Button problem- Flash site button not working from a certain frame

OK, I absolutely cannot figure this one out. Can someone help?

I’ve got a nearly completed Flash site, but one of the buttons isn’t working–sometimes.

It’s hard to explain, so here’s how you can see the problem. Run the .fla below, wait for the animation to stop, and click the “services” star. Two more stars appear: “design and production” and “editorial.” If you click on “design and production” first, everything works fine. You can get to editorial and everywhere else. BUT if you click on “editorial” first (after clicking “services” but before clicking “design and production”), the “design and production” button doesn’t work from there (the “editorial” label frames in the “inline_frame” movie clip).

I’ve got several Actions keyframes in the “inline_frame” movie clip–I don’t know if that’s kosher or not.

Also I’m new to both ActionScript and Flash so go easy with the explanations. I don’t know the terminology well.

Thank you so so much to whomever decides to help me out. This site is already overdue, and I need to get it live asap.

Here’s the .fla.