Button sounds

Could anyone tell me how to add sounds on a button down? I can get it to work, but the button disappears UNTIL I hit it- then it it becomes visable. I want it to be visable at all times.


visability of a button is reliant upon the state that it’s in.

edit your button. You’ll see four frames.
Number one is what the button looks like in a normal state.
Number two is what the button looks like when the mouse is over it’s hit spot.
Number three is what the button looks like when the mouse button is pressed, while over the button’s hit spot.
Number four, is the hit spot, and never shows up visually. This one mearly shows flash where the mouse needs to be to activate any of the other frames.

If your button is disapearing when you press on it, it’s likely that frame three is empty of any graphic. I’d suggest creating a new layer. Insert a new keyframe on frame 3. Put your sound there. On the first layer, put in your graphics and make sure that they span across all four frames. Hopefuly this will solve your problem.

Thank you so much for your time. I will give it a try!