Button - TellTarget problem

Hi everyone

I am currently working on a flash site for my portfolio and I was following Kirupa’s Advanced Buttons telltarget tutorial but something has me stumped.


I’ve figured out how to get the actionscript working for the Rollover and Rollout animations using telltarget, however I need to make some text effects for my buttons and this is not possible! When the buttons load in I need some text to fade in on top of the button (because… err, it’s a navigation) and then fade out on Rollout.

I can’t seem to think of any way to achieve this, I’ve tried parking a movie clip just after the first buttons loads with two labeled frames (one for text fading in, and one for text fading out) then tried using TellTarget just in a frame to tell the the first frame in the parked clip to play, but it didn’t work. And neither did movieclip.gotoandplay either it seems…

I know it’s possible cuz you see it on so many sites! any help appreciated, thanks.