Button to load mp3 file

I’m having trouble getting my button to load an mp3 file. I have the button, I have the mp3 in my library. I’ve tried using Behaviors as well as AS, neither one seems to work. I’m probably missing something really stupid, but I can’t figure it out.

Any thoughts?


are you sure your sound is linked?

check out


Thanks a million, i’ll check it out.

I was pretty sure my sound was linked. It was in the library, I linked it. It plays when i load the HTML, but not because i press the button, it just starts on its own. I’ll try this tutorial though!


The sound is linked (thanks again for the help, the website has been a big help), But I keep getting this error:

Error Scene=Scene 1, layer=1, frame=1:Line 2: Statement must appear within on handler
firstSound=new Sound();

What is the ‘handler’…like I said, I’m new at AS.
I’m not sure what this is telling me…when I preview in HTML, the sound is playing (despite the error message). But not becuase I pressed the button, it just goes on its own.

I’m probably missing something really stupid, any thoughts?


Okay, I’m sorry. I’m an idiot. I figured it out.

yeah im guessing you put the actions on the movieclip itsself or something like that.

glad its working :slight_smile: