Button unable to change value in object/class

hi guys

i have created a character.as class that links to an object sitting on the stage.
This class i have initialize var name;

i have created a button that uses on(release){}

the problem im having is, my button does not change the value inside the object.

for example:

my object has a variable called ‘name’ that holds the value “ayumilove”

and the button on the stage (once click and release) would change that name to “123”

i did 2 traces, before and after.
the before trace is “ayumilove”, and after trace is “123”
However, after i click again (the 2nd time) , it still shows “ayumilove” then “123”
shouldn’t it be “123” and then “123” ?
This shows that the name is not renamed, but overwrite back by the default value in the object.

How do i solve this?