Button with rollover function and 2 on release functions


I would like a button within a movieclip to be able to move the clip down y-position and simultaneously open an external swf above it. The button also already has a rollover that activates a slider icon as well. I have tried to put an invisible button over the original button that on release moves the playhead to a keyframe with a different y-position. UNfortunately this ‘invisible’ button makes it so that the slider function does not work anymore.

Ideally, I would like it so that the when you click the button_1:

  1. contentHolderMC with instance name “videoMenu” >> moves down the screen 100px
  2. when the menu arrives to this new Y position- video001.swf is loaded in the space above the menu.
  3. The original function that moves the menu is thus disabled as not to repeat the change of Y position (that is to say the menu only moves down once, until its parent MC is reloaded.

I have explored if hen scripts but just dont have anough experience with As to write anything to do this…

thanks in advance for any help

the file is here: http:\www.schreiberdesign.com\media\content2.fla