Button with tween color change

I need a button to tween into a different color on the “rollover” and tweens back to the original state when I roll out of the button

Can any one teach me how to do this???

Draw what you want in frame 1 and don’t convert it to any kind of clip.

Right click on the frame you want your animation to end on and hit “Insert Keyframe”

Use the select tool to select the object in your last frame. Change the colors of the object in the last frame.

Open the properties window and click on the grey area between keyframes. In the tween drop down box choose “Shape”.

All of your frames should be green except the last one. Test your movie and it will work.

Now you can impliment this into your button however you would like. You could just make the original object a movie clip and create the tween inside the movie clip. Then you use movie clip in the “Over” state of your button.