Is there a way to create a button that will be recognized not only in Internet Explorer, but also in Netscape? I’m a newbie, and created some of my internal links using a Hover Button. It works great in IE5, but when I use Netscape 6.2, it will not display the button. Hope someone can help.


These buttons were created using Flash?

They should be recognized by both browsers equaly.

They were created using FrontPage2002. Any way to create these buttons using FP2002 and recognized by both browsers? Or do I need to use some other utility like Flash?

hmm… Kirupa would be the best one to answer that… having writen a book on Frontpage. If I see him online tomarrow, I’ll be sure to point him to this thread.

I can tell you for SURE that Netscape browsers don’t support Hover buttons. Sorry…
Try to use Flash instead?