Buttons, buttons, buttons... and problems

Hey everyone,

I have a dilema. In making this really fun menu for my site I have a large button that opens and closes the menu tab, however I cant figure out a way to keep the menu tab open when choosing a section on the menu. Confusing? I know.

Lets say [COLOR=black]MenuButton[/COLOR] is the button that opens/closes the menu:

[COLOR=blue]on (rollOver) {
[COLOR=blue]on (rollOut) {

Well on the menu are 6 other buttons (SectionButton) that lead to various parts of the site. When you roll from the MenuButton to SectionButton (in the middle of MenuButton), the menu closes because the mouse is no longer technically on MenuButton… I need to know how to say to the MenuButton:

[COLOR=royalblue]on (rollOut) {[/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue] _root.menuMC.gotoAndStop(1);
[/COLOR][COLOR=red] unless[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red] the mouse is on SectionButton[/COLOR]

And I cant. is it ‘else’ or something? Anyone who can solve this puzzle gets huge respect from me. Thank you!!