Buttons coloured with setTint() do not fade out with the rest of the movieClip

I’m using setTint() to change the colour of my text links, because there are a lot of links throughout my flash site and might want to change the colour at some point. And it would be time consuming to find them all and change the over and hit status of each.

But he thing is, I have some links on a movie clip where I have done a tween to fade the movieclip out.

All of my buttons that I have used the setTint() to change the colour don’t fadeout with the rest of the movieclip. So when the movieclip fades out, i am just left with my coloured links on the screen!

How can I get rid of them?

The code I have used to

//–in the first frame
Color.prototype.setTint = function (r, g, b, amount) {
var trans = new Object();
trans.ra = trans.ga = trans.ba = 100 - amount;
var ratio = amount / 100;
trans.rb = r * ratio;
trans.gb = g * ratio;
trans.bb = b * ratio;

//–then use this in a function called on every button’s rollover status
myColor = new Color(loc);
myColor.setTint(255,153,0, 100);