Buttons for navigation

There should be an easy way around this, but I’m trying to make a navigation where you rollover to fade-in an image with links on it (well actually it’s just an image with words on it, but I was planning on using invisible buttons for the links). Well since stacking buttons on top of each other won’t work, what could I do to solve this problem? Should I integrate Javascript?

I attached the .fla if you want to take a look at it.

Thanks in advance!

By the way, I’m using Flash MX 2004 if it matters.

This one works :slight_smile:


Well, after taking it line by line, I tinkered around with the actionscript to perfect it. :bounce:

Thanks for laying it out! I’ve learned quite a bit about AS. Anyway, here’s the finished .fla if you wanna take a look (I included the part of the background on which the movie would take place in the layout)

Okay well… my brain is mush at this hour; it makes me wonder how I could interpret the actionscript on my own…

Anyway, here it is

Thanks again!