Buttons in a movie clip

Hello, I’ve found that when I try to have a button inside a movie clip, it doesn’t seem to work.

The movie clip is quite simple, it is supposed to be a slide out menu so the inital animation is basically a box that tweens to the right(showing the menu) then back to the left. (hiding the menu) So on the 1st frame and the frame when the menu is shown (tweened to the right) there are stop commands.

I have it so that on roll over and roll out, it plays this movie clip and thats how I’ve made the sliding menu.

However, when I put a button inside the movie clip on the frame where its open after having tweened to the right, the button doesn’t work.

I’ve tested with simply putting the button into another movie clip with only 1 frame and with only the button; without any actionscript and when I try that movie clip, the button seems to work.

That leads me to believe that it is the action script’s stop(); command that makes the button non-functional?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me a way to bypass this problem, any help would be very much appreciated, and thanks for reading!