Buttons in for loop

I do something wrong …but…I really dont see what…

for (i=0; i<5; i++) {
    this["haar"+i]._visible = false; //al mc's with the name "haar0 tm haar5" are invisible now 

for (b=0; b<5; b++) {
    this["h"+b].onRelease = function() {
        _root.naam = "haar"+substring(this._name, 2, -1);
        _root.naam._visible = true; //not working.....
        trace(naam); //correct on every release

I tried like 50 combinations now, but none of them worked :frowning:
All the instances are on the root, the buttons, the “haar#”, notthing is in another mc or something.

Anyone here that can point me into the right direction ?