Buttons inside ScrollPane

I need to have a clickable button inside a ScrollPane field. But when I put a button inside the movie symbol (the movie symbol is the one inside the scrollpane field), it doesn’t work - I get the roll-overs, but not the frame action.

How do I make the button work??

Are you trying to build flash buttons embedded in movies? I am curious to learn how to do this sort of thing too.

The one site I find particulary cool is:


If you click on the men options at the left of the screen, bars launch from left to right and there are button options.

If this is something you are looking to do, add my to list of people interested…

Yes, buttons inside movies… can you have those?? If yes, then HOW??

Also, I need the button to have an Go To action that goes to another frame in the MAIN document, not within the movie clip.

you can have buttons inside movies… but I forget how to do it… I think it’s a case of playing around with their behaviours! can you post an fla or something?

for the button you need to add (depending on the levels you’re working with): _root. in front of the Go To action. I think. I’m always frightened of making suggestions since I’m not very good lool! well, you can always test I guess!

Coool… the <b>_root</b> thing worked, THANKS!