Buttons on scrolling mc

i have a web page layout that consists of up and down buttons that controls an mc to scroll with this code…
on (press) {
if (this.universe_mc._y >= -1068) {
this.universe_mc._y -= 40;
it scrolls the mc up or down behind a front page ( looks like a “window” from a space ship) the mc is a picture of outer space.
i want to insert buttons on the mc (stars) that when you click them, it gos to and plays another mc in a diferent “window”.
the problem is, when i place the button directly on the “space” mc, the actionscript dose not goto and play the other mc. but… the over, and down effects in the button work. the A.S. just wont work.
if i place the bnt on the mc from the “scene1” page, then all works, but the btn will not scroll with the mc.
i just started learning flash 1 month ago and i am not to familliar with it yet but what i want should not be too hard to accomplish. or am i just dreaming?