Buttons = Static or Dynamic


I’m not sure when you create buttons, should the font of your text be in Static of Dynamic?

For Example “Home”, Static of Dynamic?

you can get a cleaner/more crisp font with a dynamic text box, by making it multiline, plus, you can also make it none selectable, so it’s easier to click the button…

So a DYNAMIC txt box is better eh? How do you make it non selectable? Whats a good crisp font? For a button? Thanks

to make it non selectable, unclick the little ‘ab’ button, that is right beside the single line/multi line list box…

personally i like verdana, size 10…for button font, but that’s just a personal preference.

lol I like verdana size 10 also
oh never used the AB thing before thanks

Now I can start workin on my menu crap

Yo, by the way MALCNELIST

I want to create a menu that is on my left side of my page. I want to have it the way so that when I rollover the button a submenu will come up from the right side of it


that tutorial is very good for sub menues, just go through it once, or twice, until you understand it…then you can customize it to how you want them…