Buttons That Link To User's Programs

I was wondering if there was a way to Link a button to open a program on my computer. \rIs this possible? Do i need to use Javascript?\rI’m making an interactive desktop… basically, and was trying to figure out a way to create links (or shortcuts) to a program using Flash 5, and having it open the program, or file.

on YOUR hd no problem using fscommand (exec…) because you’ll know the full path to the .exe you’ll want to launch; on s’body elses, as the program might be installed s’where else, you can’t be sure it’ll work. check the flash help on that, if you can’t find out, post back.

im not totally new with everything about flash…\rbut i was playin around with the fscommand script you told me about, and i still couldn’t get it to work…\ram i doin something wrong?\rdo i use both the command and argument?

example for notepad:\r\rfscommand (“exec”, “C:/Windows/Notepad.exe”);\r\rreplace second part by path to your prog

Eyezberg!,\rI am really digging that Fly in your sig.\r

my actions look like this for that particular button:\r\ron (release) {\r fscommand (“exec”, “C:/Windows/Notepad.exe”);\r}\r\r\rdoes this work on your pc? it certainatly isn’t workin for me. I’m confused. I put it in like you said… do any of these lines need to be an expression? It seems like it’s simple, yet it doesn’t work for me…

on (release) {\r fscommand (“exec”, “C:\WINNT\NOTEPAD.exe”);\r}\r\r tested and working…browse to your prog you want to launch in explorer, copy’n’paste the path into the ‘argument’ line in the fscommand action panel (beginner mode). Notice the escaped slashes…