Buttons within movieclip

Basically I’ve got a movieclip that has an onRollOver animation. Over the course of the animation (which is within the frames of the object itself, not those on the main stage), objects show up. Said objects aren’t clickable, i.e. it thinks I’m clicking on the overall object. So, my questsion is, how to make movieClips within movieClips clickable (i.e. buttons) seperate from the object that contains them (it doesn’t need to be clickable at all).

The strange thing is I’ve even tried using an if statement to see if the mouse is over the button, e.g. if (223 >= _root._xmouse >= 184 && ****231 <= ****_root._ymouse >= 215), but that won’t do it, either. Any input would be appreciated.

Another question, while I’m thinking about it: I have a box that can pop up over top of the menu I’m working on. I’m trying to figure out a way to make it so that while the box is visible, the stuff underneath it won’t respind (i.e. onRollOver stuff won’t happen).

Actually i didn’t what you really want …but we can temporarily disable a button click property b using

_root.mybutton.enabled = false;

But we’ve to track the speficic condition to meet this.

A box put another movie clip won’t meet your requirement in the sense that the onRollOver belongs to that particular object you specified…