I need some help with this:\r\rI want to make a picture gallery and use buttons that move you from picture to picture and backwards, but I don’t want to tell button 1 to go to frame 2 and button 2 to got to frame 3 and so on (I hope you know what I mean)\rCan I use on button on a separate layer with the same action set?\rI tried something like that, but it didn’t work:\r\ron (release) {\rthisframe =+1\r}\r\rand\r\ron (release) {\rthisframe =-1\r}\rbut it didn’t work. I’m kind of new to any action script other than gotAndPlay, easy functions and all that.\r\rTHX\r\rDon Albino

try\r\ron(release){\rnextFrame()\r}\r\ror \r\ron(release){\rprevFrame()\r}

I hate to admit it, but\rYOU MADE MY DAY\r\rThx a lot