Buying a bike

Supposing I wanted to buy a 26" bike on the web, where would I look? :azn:


Not Ebay. Those bikes come with… no wheels.


hey i was watching tv at like 4 in the morning and saw a commercial for this bike that shifts automatically… called the landrider or something. looked real cool.

You have a Dick’s sporting goods anywhere?

No I don’t… I’d like to buy it on the web…

what is sportcheck

if your looking for a BMX bike thenDans Comp thats the best place. but mountin bikes i have to know what you plan to do with it. like if your gunna race cross country i know some sites. so just tell me what you plan on doing with it and ill see if i can help.

No BMX… just a normal bike. lol

lol are you just ahving a bike to ride around. just transportation?

Moutain Bikes Rock My sis dies on the trails with her hybrid bike

lol are you just ahving a bike to ride around. just transportation?

Yes. I found this:

Wut do you tihnk

if this is gunna be your method of transportation (like me), forget the fancy mountain bikes. They are heavier and go slower, especially if there’s shocks. Go for a road bike with thinner tires and a lighter frame. Unless you wanna spend a ton of money, id look for a used one - my friend is selling me one for under 100 that originally went for 1200.

But if you just wanna have fun, go for that bike right there, heheh.

Right. I’m buying it. :hugegrin:

thats a nice bike. congrats.