Bye bye

C ya all in a week, I’m off to a weeks holliday (in Turkey, ilyas…), if I don’t get shot, I’ll be back to say hi next tuesday…

Hey, have a great time in Turkey, [SIZE=1]the safest country in the world, I tell you[/SIZE]. See you in 1 week, Eyez.

pom :asian:

Cya later eyez! The forums would be lacking the coolness of your eyez-y presence =)

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys, I’m off now…I’ll buy you some eyezcream when I’m back, ok?
(am I that eyez-cold? lol)
at least two of you will notice I’m gonne, rest might be happier without my sometimes too sarcastic comments…for which I apologize (hollidays = good humour… :wink: )
c ya then…