C# + StreamReader + ReadToEnd(); = Dodgy results? :S

Long story short, I’ve got a configuration file that looks along the lines of (Note that this format is out of my reach):

\x02\x05TEST1\x16\x03    				\x01\x06TEST2\x160\x03

I used the hex simply cause I wasn’t able to paste the full string otherwise, anyway.
I’m reading that exact string with a StreamReader instance, I’m assigning the ReadToEnd() results to a string, I’m printing it to the console, but all appears is the left part of the above string, seperated by the whitespaces, so the output in my console is:


I’m pretty curious how this is possible?

StreamReader fileReader = new StreamReader( "pathToMyAbomination" );
String data = fileReader.ReadToEnd();
Console.WriteLine( data );

Am I mentally challenged? Or does this look completely weird?

Thank you.