Cache problems, still can't make it work!

This is what I have:
I’ve made a file called “loading.swf” which loads the “main.swf” in a movieclip called “mc” using this code:


The movie appear to be loading from the server and not the cache each time (cause the loading bar is displayed), but still my text isn’t reloaded from the mysql-server. All text is loaded using a code like this:

System.UseCodePage = true;
loadText = new LoadVars();
loadText.onLoad = function() {
 nyheter.Htmltext = this.nyheter;

What should I do??
check out the site at

Hey!!! I need help… Sorry for the trouble, but this is urgent!


I had the same problem yesterday, managed to sort it :slight_smile:




loadText.load("[](" add getTimer());

If Flash doesn’t recognise any new variables, it won’t bother to re-cache the file. Adding the dummy variable adds a new value each time and therefore forces it to re-cache on refresh :slight_smile:

Hope that helps ya

Luke =]

Thanks! That worked:) I’ve troubling a couple of days now. Good to figure that out!

You’ve been searching for days, and all I get is a “Thanks!” ?


I expected at least half of your kingdom :frowning:

Oh well :frowning:

( :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Glad ya got it sorted m8 :slight_smile: )

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Sorry Wiz, you don’t get ur own kingdom … one of the drawbacks of being a wizard :confused:

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Hehe! Thanks a lot guys!!! I also figured out this:
I had to change the name of the uniqe-thing for every new spot i placed it, or it wouldn’t work. For some cranky reasen:azn:

Anyway, the kingdom is for all :rambo:. Peace out, and thanks for all the help!

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