Cache problems

[font=Arial]Hey all![/font]
[font=Arial]I have a main movie that loads different .swf files into the main movie. The problem is that I update my site once a month and because of that I have experienced some cache problems. If I change a movie called “x.swf” with a different movie also called “x.swf” the internet explorer will automaticly look for a file called “x.swf” in the cache, and if the website has been loaded once, the next time that it’s loaded you wont be able to load the new “x.swf” - same filename, different content.[/font]
[font=Arial]I’ve found this toutorial on, but can’t figure where to place the actionscript. Should it be placed at the start of every .swf file that is loaded to the main movie? Should it only be placed in the first or last frame of the main movie?[/font]
[font=Arial]Hope you can help me out with this one… Thank you.[/font]
[font=Arial]Underneath is the toutorial found on[/font]
[font=Arial][color=gray]When you load a movie, variables, or a text, what you load is put in the cache of your computer by your browser. This can cause problems because if you load files, chances are that you are going to update them quite often, but Flash will look for the files in the cache, that is to say the old ones.[/color]
[color=gray]The solution is to load your files with a unique identifier. Example:[/color]

[indent][font=Courier New][color=gray]*myIdentifier=Math.round(Math.random()10000);

[/indent][color=gray]This works also with LoadVariables, LoadMovieNum and LoadVariablesNum.[/color]