CacheAsBitmap or draw() - Quick question


I’m currently building a huge map made from tiles for a game I’m making and I was wondering, which method is better. Please note, these tiles will be moved around the stage, however , no modifications like changing scale or rotation will be used.

[INDENT]1. To either attachMovie() all my tiles into one movieclip to hold them all. Then to set cacheAsBitMap to true.

[INDENT]2. To attach all my tiles into one movieclip, then by using the draw() function, to draw all my tiles in the movieclip onto a bitMap and attachBitmap that to the stage, and then remove all my movieclips from the stage as they are no longer needed.
Which method do you think is better? On my computer, I can see no noticable change in framerate, and they both seem pretty fast. The draw() method does seem to give a slightly smoother scrolling animation, but on looking back, they both seem to stagger at times, although overall a smooth scrolling animation.

Which method is better in terms of performance and memory?

Also, bitMapData has a limit of 2880pixels in height and width, but does this apply to movieclips which have cacheAsBitmap turned on?