CacheAsBitmap() when?

Hi all,

In the last couple of months i havebeen trying to get as much out of the player as i can without it losing framerate.

My experimentations with cacheAsBitmap have been mixed.

I tend to use it for example with large vector backgrounds and so on.

If im correct, i can cacheAsBitmap well if the vector is complex and im just animating its X and Y properties and possibly rotation?

However, with alpha fades and scales, using cacheAsBitmap is detrimental to performance?

Also where is the line? Is it quicker to use cache as bitmap to place a static 10px by 10px on the stage, or is it better to keep that as a vector? Although probably a pointless example but i ask becuase i went back into a game and turned off cache as bitmap on the base class of my items and framerate was improved…

I am hoping that someone could explain this to me if possible?