Cached XML wont be read again?


My problem is that once flash reads an XML, it then wont read the XML again but rather uses a cached copy. This causes problems as I want it to update a record number in the XML.

My flow of data is like this:

1)Flash reads (and presumably caches) an xml file.
2)User enters data into flash (including update data for xml).
3)Flash sends data to PHP.
4)PHP edits XML file (adds a line and updates a record #).
5)Repeat above.

In practice what happens:

I have a recorded number recorded in the XML. (say 10)
Flash reads the recorded number from the XML. (still 10)
Flash updates the recorded number (now 11)
Flash sends the number to PHP which updates the XML (so XML is now 11)
When process is repeated: Flash uses cached XML so reads record number as 10!!

This is fairly frustrating. How can I get around this ?

Thanks for your help!