Cafe press: anyone know of an alternative?

Anyone know of an alternative to that actually allows for shirts that are a different color than white?

I was saddened to find out that, while their product selection is great, the only color shirts can be are white. I’m just not a big fan of white shirts - and most of the stuff I’d like to do would revolve around maroon or red/black colored shirts.

So, has anyone out there found an alternative to I’ve searched google, but have had no luck finding an on-demand shirt printer that can do this.

Thanks :slight_smile:


hmm, i guess white is easy to dye though. Perhaps you could do some very carefull dying if all else fails? Ive done it myself a few times with other shirts and so long as you mask off the print you should be ok…

this is what my friend and I use to make tees for our skate company. Not sure if it helps you or not…

blimey OrangeOne, how do you go about masking a t-shirt?