Caffine pills

haha i took 3 of them a few days ago…only supposed to take half every 3 hours. i got crazy hyper…i couldnt concentrate when i was watching this movie…lol…i was lik on overdrive…i stayed awake all night…at 8am the next day…my friends an i were barfing up our pizza…and we had headaches. lesson learned: If u take caffine pills dont eat pizza and take tylenol har har har.

lol, how about “Dont take 3 caffine pills”

You shouldn’t take caffeine pills period.

Your body can become dependant on them :-\

why did you need them in the first place? are they over the counter now?

haha i was at my buddys house and we dint want to go sleep. lol

Yah they have been 'over the counter" for a while now - they are called “wake ups” and they have a picture of a rooster on the box (here in canada anyway)

And yes, they can be devilish things if you are not careful. Try taking something with Efedra in it, now that’s Crazy!

If you need caffine pills to stay awake, your better off asleep.

Actually you’re better off doing what you needed to get done long before :stuck_out_tongue:

But since you didn’t you’re better off with the pills!

Peace :cowboy:

BTW… vts do you attend UCLA?


negative, i do not attend UCLA. altho a lot of my friends do. im planning on transfering to the Art Center of Pasadena. creig mullins and every other amazing artists have graduated from there. 30k a year tho. very pricy and im very very poor. heh life sux.

those things are eeeeevil… i take em at work sometimes but they make me real jumpy for the next day or so:-\