Calendar / blog

It started when I wanted to try if I could code a calendar.
Well I got it to work, and I thought that I could make a blog out of it, so here is the result.

It checks .xml files named “2005-2” for February 2005 and “2005-3” for April and so on, and inside them your writing should be like:
<1> your stuff here </1>
where <1> is the day of the month.

It automatically checks those days you have written and marks them with square, (or whatever you want, just chenge the code :p) and makes them clickable.

Attachment includes working example, with xmls and all.

Posted just in case somebody might need something like this and don’t have time to code it :toad:

EDIT: I just did the whole thing again from the scratch. The code is SO MUCH cleaner now, so it should be readable for everyone.

There isn’t example anywhere for now. There maybe will be, when I do something ‘new’ in that thing. Check it out!