Call ExternalInterface and the html script

Hì everybody,
I’m tring to build a page in html that consists of 4 differents swf file (embed in the page).
In those swf file I have some buttons that are calling - with the call ExternalInterface- some javascripts functions written in the html. Those javascript functions are ancors that should bring you to a point of the page - let’s say it moves the page up or down to a specific point.

My action scripts is:

[LEFT]import flash.external.ExternalInterface;


in the HTML page I have:

[LEFT]<script language="JavaScript">
function contact (){
document.write("<a href="#contact"></a>")
function about (){
document.write("<a href="#about"></a>")
function news (){
document.write("<a href="#news"></a>")
function collections (){
document.write("<a href = "#collections"></a>")


and at the right point of the HTML page (corrisponding with the top of each swf file) I have

<a name=“contact”></a>

<a name=“about”></a>

<a name=“news”></a>

<a name=“collections”></a>

This doesn’t work, sure because I know quite nothing about javascript… there is anybody that could suggest me somenthing or give me a link to an tutorial or a similar example please?