Call function inside a Class


I’ve got some problems trying to call a function inside a mc in a class.

For example:

class Foo {
  private my_mc:MovieClip;
  private my_mc2:MovieClip;
  public function Foo(mc:MovieClip, mc2:MovieClip) {
    my_mc = mc; // call the class, passing as parameter a movie clip
    my_mc2 = mc2;
  public function applyAS():Void {
    getMC2Height(); // Here the trace output prints the my_mc2._height
    my_mc.onEnterFrame = function():Void {
      getMC2Height(); // Here, doesnt =/
  public function getMC2Height():Void {

I didnt have such experience on AS2 OOP, but this is make me real crazy… Any suggestions about the class are welcome too.