Call to Web Service from MX prof. 2004 problem

Im new here, so I’ll first start off by saying “Hello!” to all of you flashers out there. :?)

I got a bit of a problem happening when trying to consume a web service using flash professional 2004 and wondered if anyone else has had similar experience.
Heres the scenario… I have created some web services that go against some SQL s-procs which I am calling from flash using the webService object. I have been sucessful in consuming the services on various development machines running the SDK 1.1, but as soon as I move the project files to a production environment the WS object fails as if it cannot find the services (fault code on queued call). Believe me I have tried **** near everything to debug/troubleshoot this problem and have narrowed it down to the possibility that the WSDL classes may for some reason or another not be present on the production environment. I have run the WS’s outside of the flash environment to ensure that they run so I know that it is some other hangup. Anyone have a similar situation occur when using WS’s with flash?