Calling a MC from a Separate SWF File

Does anyone know how I could call up a movie clip from a different flash file? For example, I have a flash file called one.swf. I would like to call up a window movie clip from two.swf from one.swf. Can this be done?

I’m using this feature in a list table. You know a table that holds names, numbers, ages, and could be scrolled up and down. With the idea above, the user can click on the names to open a swf with the appropriate window holding the pictures or description.

I am guessing you mean as I provided in the attachment.

That’s pretty close. But that main.swf should call up a particular window with a instance name called window1, window2, or window3 in me.swf.

From your action script in main.fla, it doesn’t seem like your calling a particular window but just loading me.swf in main.swf.

I would like to load a particular movie clip in me.swf. That me.swf is a profile of an individual. To keep the profiles simple, I have created several windows within me.swf. Each one of those windows has a instance name as stated before. Main holds the list box or whatever type of form that allows the user to click on the particular profile. When clicked it brings up that window instance window1, 2, 3, and so forth in me.swf.

Do you understand?

Another question, what type of form object should I use to create the table that can be scrollable? I have thought of a list box, but it doesn’t allow descriptions… Any ideas?

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“macom-f1.swf”, _target.window.gotoAndPlay(“window1”));

I have tried the AS above, but it doesn’t call up that movieclip within that external swf. Any ideas?