Calling ActionScripters :) Exciting project

[FONT=trebuchet ms][COLOR=#224d96]Hey all!

We’ve got a team of bright developers working on an ActionScript 3 online drawing application.
Collaborative drawing boards to this day are still sort of a niche, so a part of our goal is to expand that to a much broader audience - because hey, drawing is fun :)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#229679]The platform we’re building is very unique, far more centered around social experiences than what is offered on other platforms. User connections are integrated into the forum, website-wide chat, and systems to share and critique people’s works. As a part of our goal we aim to bring the experience to mobile and tablet devices, and further support on drawing tablets. We’ve already got a very active community on another client one year and running.

If you are good with AS3, and would like more information about this project, Skype me: drawplanet
We’ve got other aspects of development covered; PHP, HTML, CSS, JS. But more assistance there is very much appreciated.
Graphics is well covered, though if anybody would like to help create icons for the interface, absolutely.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#224d96]Just message me here or on Skype, and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.
This is currently unpaid as the platform and our website is non-profit, so the motivation would be the challenge of building this creative program, learning as you go, and being a part of shaping a fun, new community.

Thank you, and attached is some proof of concept to give you a sense of how it’ll look. :)[/COLOR][/FONT]