Calling an array in an "if" statement

hi all,

this is (hopefully) a pretty easy thing, but i’m having a bit of trouble with using an array in my if statement. Here’s my AS:

on (release) {
	stopDrag ();

basically you drag a block around, then when you let go, the “checker” inside the block sees if it’s contacting with a holder, and then clicks in if so.

i’ve defined the array holdernumber = [“holderone”, “holdertwo”] etc. and so i basically want to do a check for each holder, to see if it’s over any of them… i think i could use droptarget but i haven’t got that working yet, and i want to learn this anyway.

So, is there some special way to phrase it so it uses the array items instead of looking for a clip called “holdernumber” ?

Thanks heaps