Calling child movie methods from a parent movie [MX]


I’m working on a Flash MX application which involves a Parent movie and a Child movie.

I’ve loaded the Child movie into the Parent movie using LoadMovie. The instance name of the Child movie is Child1.

In the Child movie I have a user-defined function called getChildXML (we don’t need to get into more details about the function).

The point here is that I want to call the getChildXML function from the Parent movie. Is that possible? I’ve tried something like Child1.getChildXML(); but with no luck.

Please help!



is used to reference a parent movieclip. In your movieclip Child1,


would output the Parent clip. If your getChildXML is a straight function in that Child1 (and not an XML proto or something) then using this._parent will refence the Parent clip.

Thanx for the reply. But it doesn’t solve my problem. I want to call getChildXML from the Parent clip and not vice-versa. Is it possible to access a child movie’s methods from a parent movie?

ooo I misread

Child1.getChildXML doesnt work? Are you sure the clip is fully loaded when you try to call it?

Okay, this is what I’m trying to do, the getChildXML function constructs and returns a string (which is some XML). I want to call this function from the Parent movie.

I wrote

strXML = child1.getChildXML();

when I try something like

trace (strXML);

I get “undefined” in the output window.

I am writing this code in the first frame of the parent movie using this.onEnterFrame.