Calling Class Object into another Object

Hi - need a little help on this one. Maybe wrong route to go, but still want to know how to do it.

Steps - Make 2 MovieClips. One MC will be a 500x400 picture. The other MC, will be a simple circle called “Ball”. Make that Ball a Class by editing the properties, and assigning it the Class name “Ball” as well.

  1. Picture is static, so we have the picture MC sitting on Frame 1.
  2. Within the Document Class file, instantiate the new “Ball” class with name “ball”
    2a) I want the “Ball” to be added to the picture class, so that every time I call it, the Ball is inside the picture. If you were to trace it - trace ([COLOR=“green”]picture.ball[/COLOR]);

Anyone know how to go about doing this? The code for simply instantiating the “Ball” class =

var ball = new Ball(); addChild(ball);