please give me an idea abut a comflage background i canuse for this page (in the main window)

and by the way please check the ASP script by clicking on the stat link TXH guys.

Hey ossi747,
THhe camo background looks really cool. I checked out the ASP link, and it was real nice. One thing I noticed about the ASP link is that when i hovered the mouse over the table headings in your stats, the wrong sections were highlighted.

Besides that, cool site!


THX for the nice words.
I fixed that now.

now the only thing im not pleased with now is , that .swf for the stat link is loading before ASP (txt) is compleatly loaded.
I would like to make a preload wait until the entire contest is loaded in stat. You re th GURU :slight_smile: so you probably have some wise words to share on this matter.

thx again