Can a Flash HTML-enabled textField w/ HTML link inside communicate with Flash Stage?

Can an Flash HTML-enabled textField with HTML link inside the textField communicate with the Flash Stage? (inherit onRollOver,…etc.) If so, how done?

For instance:

textField.htmlText=‘can clicking on this <a href=“”>link</a> affect/communicate with the flash stage (move a movieClip) somehow?’


Probably a silly Question…
I need to “include” some HTML formatted code (written with some HTML Editor like CKEditor), just widgets/snippets of HTML5 code (not entire web pages) into my projects… as if it was some normal Text content of a TextField.
I tried to use TextField.htmlText but the result is not what I expected.
As in this case I target HTML5/JS… there must be a way I don’t know to add some HTML5 code in the output somehow…

do you understand HTML or are you using a no code program?